Mephistopolis (in Concert)

In his program „MEPHISTOPOLIS – The Incredible Songbook of Charles T. Goodhill“, Malheur and  THE HEAVEN AND HELL ORCHESTRA, make their way into the occult salons and clubs of Berlin in the late 1920s on the trail of the British jazz musician and composer Charles T. Goodhill, the conductor of the notorious HIMMEL & HÖLLE (transl.: Heaven & Hell). Goodhill and his orchestra enjoyed great success in this amusement establishment in the degenerate West of Berlin, opposite the Gedächtniskirche, during the time of the worldwide depression at the end of the Weimar Republic, before he died in Berlin in April 1932 under unexplained circumstances. Rumour has it that he was the head of a secular secret cult. Night after night, he is said to have invited a willing auditorium to a hidden back room of the establishment to hold black masses there and to enchant his followers with his music. Goodhill was regarded as a master of so-called „heavy music“ in occult circles, whose texts addressed the dark side of the soul, evil and Satan.
Where the high society was fond of sex, intoxication, and destruction, where people sought the paranormal and the supernatural, was the cradle of so-called heavy metal music entertainment. Devilish messages hidden in ordinary tango, foxtrot, or polka rhythms gained popularity before they were banned and forgotten in the 1930s. It was only about half a century later that well-known rock musicians – perhaps inspired by Goodhill’s musical heritage – took up this genre again and made it internationally renowned.

Together with THE HEAVEN AND HELL ORCHESTRA, Malheur journeys to the roots of the so-called heavy metal music entertainment.

This programme is also available with THE HEAVEN AND HELL TRIO or as MonokelPop-Solo with MonoclePhon.



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