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Daniel Malheur emerged for the first time in 1995. Together with his colleague, shellac DJ Mario Minelli, Malheur organised a „Monsters of Shellac“ party in the „Ketzer“, an entertainment establishment in the Hamburg Schanzenviertel district. The two gentlemen put on their favorite records and filled the club with the sound of their 50s Elac record players. Around midnight, Malheur then set foot on the stage and performed the first ever „Nostalgic singing in the accompaniment of famous gramophone orchestras!“ The idea of ​​the SCHELLAC RECORD KARAOKE SHOW was born.

In 1997, Malheur fo-cused his creative work to 1920s show performance and toured Hamburg and its surroundings‘ club scene. One year later, the first LesArt productions programme was being produced with writer Alexander Häusser: „ZEPPELIN!“ (1998) – literature performed with music, theatrical and radio elements. A further year later, the first solo programme AUSGERECHNET BANANEN (1999) premiered and Malheur recorded his first CD  SALONTENOR DANIEL MALHEUR.
At the turn of the century he met pianist Dirk Bewig aka Mr. Erwin and, together, the programmes „IN DER BAR ZUM KROKODIL – Daniel Malheur sings Paul O`Montis“ (2002 also released on CD) and „NANU SCHÖNES FRÄULEIN, SO ALLEIN?“ come into existence. In the following years Malheur’s career slowly picks up pace, although the feeling of „being ahead of his time“ doesn’t let him go. He serves as guest performer in Wagner’s salon quartet, produces the radio play „ZEPPELIN!“ (once again in collaboration with Alexander Häuser), is a choir and ensemble member of the EUTINER FESTSPIELE in the summer of 2005 and entertains Germany’s cabaret stages as a solo artist with his „classical“ 1920s programmes „DEIN IST MEIN GANZES HERZ! – The Story of Richard Tauber“ (2005) and „EIN LIED GEHT UM DIE WELT! – The Story of the Comedian Harmonists“ (2008).

In 2007, Mr. Malheur relocates his life and work centre to Berlin.


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