Lord MonokelPop

From oldies´ troubadour to MonokelPopper… „Oh, like the gentleman with the bird name?“ and „Can you also do the KAKTUS?“ – These are questions that bother many an auditorium around the turn of the millennium … In order to escape this dilemma, Malheur decides to ignore convention and create an entirely new style – MonokelPop. It can be described as a retro-futuristic art form whose purpose is not to try to copy the music, fashion and art of the twenties, but rather to transport a twenties feeling into today’s world.
Having arrived in Berlin, Malheur quickly finds his place in the „society of sophisticated entertainment“ with its BOHÈME SAUVAGE. His concerts take place in clubs like the WHITE TRASH FAST FOOD or the BASSY COWBOY CLUB. Malheur knowingly crosses boundaries when he first appears at the WGT – the Wave-Gothic meeting in Leipzig in 2011.

Impressed by the overwhelming resonance, Malheur goes as far as to perform at the „Plötzlich am Bodden“ techno festival for the first time in 2012!  The MonokelPopper even makes his mark in the steam punk scene, for example at the „ANNO 1900 – Steampunk Convention“ in Luxembourg. In 2014 he finally takes his first leap to the British Isles at the „Full Steam Metal Racket – The Festival Formerly Known As The Steampunk Experience @ Alt-Fest“. Finally, 2014 saw the founding of the HEAVEN AND HELL ORCHESTRA with Dirk Bewig...

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