Master of Ceremonies

Conférencier Daniel Malheur by Heinrich von SchimmerWhether in a fine tailcoat, elegant evening attire or a simple suit, Monsieur Malheur never fails to impress the guests, guiding them through the evening in his charming and gallant style. He welcomes the audience, presents artists and speakers and leads through the programme in his unique way. At the microphone he presents a small vocal interlude by interpreting a jazz standard or a 1920s „frivolous foxtrot“ – accompanied by gramophone records or even in spontaneous duets with musical guests. As BOHÈME SAUVAGE, „conférencier“, host of „his“ LOST CABARET as well as chansonnier and SalonTenor, Malheur is an important figure in Berlin’s thriving scene of „1920s enthusiasts“.
In variety, corporate galas, party events, festivals or balls, presenter/conférencier Daniel Malheur finds the right style in all circumstances — unfazed even in a timeless tuxedo.